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Is HelpGrowCT is not for profit or government run organization?

No. HelpGrowCT is a Benefit Company which believes a free market approach is the real solution to economic development.

Why chose to be a Benefit Company?

We believe that there is a fundamental gap in the market when it comes to helping small businesses succeed. Because the economic incentive is low for private businesses to fill the void, non-profit & government agencies often step in. We believe that in order to really solve the core issues, a free-market competitive approach needs to be taken to truly achieve the desired social impact.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. We do not believe in “locking people in”… If you are not happy with the service or value your are receiving, you can cancel at any time.

How is HelpGrowCT able to provide premium advisement and services at prices affordable to small businesses?

Our business model is disruptive to the advisory services and solutions market.By leveraging existing technology, coupled with the application of artificial intelligence, HelpGrowUSA can drastically increase the productivity of our expert consultants and their selection/execution of optimized solutions.  This allows us to make a volume play and gain economies of scale, thus keeping quality high and costs low

Who will I be interacting with for advisement services each month?

You will be working with dedicated team of Junior Growth Partners selected for your business lead by a 20+ year experienced Senior Growth Partner

What does the advisement team do?

Your advisement team will first listen to learn more about you and your business – goals, visions, areas of frustration, etc. then map out a Success Roadmap for your business.  The team will sequentially work with you to help improve your marketing, finance, operations and growth efforts. Typically it takes about 3 months per focus areas. The sequential nature of our program prevents you from feeling overwhelmed as we know you still have a business to run.  At the end of each focus area, your team will provide you with proposed solutions as needed to help either (a) make your more effective, (b) make you more efficient or c) help you grow.  You can accept these proposals, table them or reject them, there is no obligation to do anything.

How does the Social Media Management Program work?

It’s very easy.

      1. You will fill out a brief input form so we know how you would like your business positioned and thought of in the world (i.e. tone, core message, voice, # of posts per week, etc)
      2. We will then provide you with a month’s worth of posts for your review
      3. For each individual post you can accept, give feedback or reject
      4. If good to go, you provide us with your IDs and passwords for your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin)
      5. We start posting!
      6. Every month you will receive the next 30 days of proposed posts
Is the social management free for as long as I keep my subscription?

Yes!  Just think no more worrying about having a social media presence!



“HelpGrowCT helped me save over 50 hours of work per month. That’s game changing.

Sarah Yong
Business Owner | Mother of Two | HelpGrowCT Member

Our BIG vision for CT


elpGrowCT, a subsidiary of HelpGrowUSA, is a private benefit company dedicated to empowering small business growth via the proliferation of technology and advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs, economic advisors, small business consultants, data scientists and cognitive engineers looking to push the frontier of machine learning and artificial intelligence to redevelop economic development in America.

We are disrupting the small business distribution channel by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to democratize access to information and resources and making it cheaper and easier for innovative startups to distribute their products and services to the market.

We believe that through an increase in market competition, small business owners will get access to more products and services at cheaper prices and higher overall quality — thus driving their growth.

There are over 320,000 small businesses in the State of Connecticut, and our goal is to help every single one in a meaningful way. Fact of the matter is, when it comes to small business support, the market does not provide the natural incentives to attract the capital or talent necessary to deliver competitive value. HelpGrowCT has developed a unique business model to get around this market gap, which has allowed us to not only cut deals with service providers that make sense, but also invest in programs to enhance the value to our members.

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