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Content, It’s a word that’s infamously associated with online success and honestly speaking, one that you’re probably tired of hearing!   But that’s not to say that creating content on behalf of your business isn’t important – on the contrary, it’s a strategy that when employed over time will cement your online reputation for years to come.

Owning a listing means you get to add content to HelpGrowCT as a fully accredited author. This helps you build your brand and amplify your content marketing strategy. We’ll even help you get setup with full authorship credentials & open syndication to over 2,400 top tier websites.

Check out some of the amazing benefits that come along with getting started with online content:

Build your reputation 

1Whether you’ve been running your business for 20 years or 6 months, there is always breathing room to further strengthen your reputation.  Creating content on behalf of your brand will put you in front of the pack as a CT thought leader in your respective industry.

Craft your message

2Everyday you learn something new – so why not share it with the world and with your customers?  In creating content, you have full control of how consumers will perceive your brand and nobody knows your customers quite like you!

Drive customer awareness 

3Millions of consumers are browsing the web everyday right here in Connecticut.  What are they searching for? (We have more on that in our SEO Tools section . Well, everyone is searching for something, and that something may just be an article you posted the other day on one of your upcoming events or how you had a delightful interaction with one of your customers.  Point being that the more you are out there on the web, the greater the likelihood that you will be discovered by customers.

Have fun with it

4Creating content is an opportunity for you to have some fun while still creating value for your business. Share your personality, share your viewpoints, share your experiences – consumers LOVE being able to relate and connect to stories, so why not give them what they want!

Amplify your reach through content syndication

5Put your good work to use and amplify your message across thousands of related websites where consumers reside.  Interested in learning more?  Contact us about content syndication today.

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