From activities for kids to a night out on the town, here are 5 fun things to do in Stamford, CT.

Fun Activities - Stamford

1) Dancing at the Metropolitan Dance Center

Sharpen your dancing skills at the Metropolitan Dance Center with professional instructors who will work with you step by step (pun intended) to get you ready for those blue suede shoes.  Whether you’ve never danced before and it’s been on your bucket list for way too long, or you’re tearing up the dance floor every weekend, it never hurts to learn some new moves.

Check out their website to book your appointment or drop by Monday through Friday between 1 and 10pm.  And for up to date events, be sure to give them a follow on Twitter.  You can also find them on HelpGrowCT.


2) Great food at Zaza Italian Gastrobar

Grab a bite to eat at Zaza’s Italian Gastrobar located right on 122 Broad St.  With a lively atmosphere and a comfortable dining setting, this is a perfect dinner spot right before heading out for the night.  You’ll be sure to impress your date!

Check out their website for a list of items on their menu (Brunch & Lunch / Dinner), give them a follow on Instagram to see pictures of their delicious entrees, and you can always find them here on HelpGrowCT.


3) Family friendly activities at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center

Explore the Stamford Museum & Nature Center with your family and friends. You can go hiking through their 80 acres of forest & hiking trails, catch some of their fun & informative exhibits, or even go on a scavenger hunt!  Let your imagination run wild.

Check out their website or a cool interactive brochure they put together to learn more all that you can do at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center. And don’t forget to give them a follow on Twitter!


4) Rooftop bar at Sign of the Whale

Get your fix of the nice New England weather with an afternoon or evening at Sign of the Whale. Fun is never too far off when you’re hanging out at the only rooftop bar in Stamford with beautiful views of Harbor Point.

Check out their website for more information, leave a review on their HelpGrowCT page, and give them a follow on Twitter.


5) Get your sweat on at Chelsea Piers

With almost too many activities to list, you can most definitely find your favorite thing to do at Chelsea Piers.  From rock climbing to volleyball to swimming to hockey, Chelsea Piers is a destination the whole family can enjoy.  If you have blossoming athletes in the family who take their fitness seriously, be sure to head over to Bluestreak Sports Training for a comprehensive performance evaluation.

You can find drop in programs for Chelsea Piers on their website.  Become the best athlete you can be and give a look at Bluestreak Sports Training on their website, their Twitter, or right here on HelpGrowCT.

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