Propel your sales & marketing funnel from start to finish using our new age guerrilla marketing strategy

You’re in business for a reason – to get qualified customers into your store that are ready to make a purchase.  But how are you engaging with them once they leave?   With HelpGrowCT, you’ll be provided an innovative “in store” marketing campaign that will help you bridge that gap while amplifying your brand impact delivered through our complete product set.

Our in store marketing campaign works as both a stand alone campaign, but can also be a great addition to your existing marketing efforts.

Defining an in store marketing campaign: 

1111An in-store marketing campaign is something that you can bring directly into your business as a “one-to-one” touch point with your customer base.  As a business owner, you’re likely no stranger to the concept because it provides you a way to further connect & engage with your customers.
Examples of in store marketing campaigns are wide ranging; from “2 for 1” deals, loyalty punch cards, refer a friend specials, and so on that are then delivered to the customer while they are in your business. What these all have in common are the desired results; increasing customer retention, repeat purchases, and increasing their average spending amount.

What in store marketing campaigns does HelpGrowCT offer? 

xxxCombining the “familiar, old school feel” with the “innovative, new age guerrilla marketing techniques”, HelpGrowCT has created a simple campaign that will enable you to provide additional value to your existing customers, as well as bring in new ones!
We’re all familiar with scratch off lottery tickets, right?  And many of us are probably familiar or have heard of the “text to enter / sign up” concept.
HelpGrowCT has combined the two to create a homogenous system that will give your customers something fun to do in which they are presented with a clear call to action that is tied to an immediate reward for taking that action.

How it works: 

  1. We use your logo to brand an in store display setup which you can place next to wherever customers check out
  2. You get delivered the in store display and the scratch off tickets that you will provide to your customers (You can give them out to every customer, or pair it as an immediate reward with customers who spend X amount)
  3. Customer scratches off the ticket and is presented with a clear call to action: “Text this number” to redeem your reward
  4. The reward will be provided by your business – for example, “Get 10% off your next purchase when you spend over $50.00”.  A good reward will be one that incentivizes them to come back to your business at a future date.
  5. When they text the number, they are getting added to your automated marketing platform which immediately triggers a unique email that will be sent to them. That email is what they will show to redeem the reward.

How will this help my business and increase my bottom line? 

The value being created here is that:

  1. You’re increasing the likelihood of a repeat purchase (based on your reward)
  2. You’re delivering a fun and unique experience to your customers that they will remember, increasing the chances for “word of mouth” marketing
  3. You’re getting a customer into your marketing funnel that you can connect with on an ongoing basis (for future promotions, discounts, events, etc)
  4. You’re introducing them to your other communication channels when they get sent their reward email (promote your social media accounts, your website, etc.)
  5. You have full control over the types of rewards / incentives you’d like to offer, so you can test to see what works best for your business (based on your own ROI determined by the lifetime value of a customer)

If you’d like more information on how this will work for your business or have a request, please get in contact with us!

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