CRM, email marketing, and sales automation all packed into ONE easy to use platform

You have a marketing plan, you have an email newsletter, and you probably have a CRM that you use to keep track of your customers (if not, don’t worry).  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to consolidate all of those crucial systems into one centralized place with a way to save you boatloads of time from not having to perform countless manual tasks?

Well now there is; take some of the workload off of you and your staff and make your current marketing processes more efficient and more effective. Check out some of these mind blowing features:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 

1Manage and grow your list of customers all while spending less time doing the tedious work of making sure contact information is up to date.  With powerful searching and filtering options, you can focus in on specific groups of contacts and view the entire history of all your contacts.  Next time “Sally” comes into your business, you’ll remember to ask her how her vacation was.

Email marketing 

2Send newsletters, campaign followups, and individual emails that are easy to customize (drag n’ drop functionality), mobile friendly, and you have the option to choose free, ready made templates.  You can personalize your email campaigns and newsletters with your contacts information. If you want to get really fancy, you can create conditional content within your emails and embed external data all based on your contacts preferences.  Say bon voyage to bland email newsletters and deliver a memorable experience to your customers.

Data driven segmentation 

3Segment your contacts by their contact data, campaign interactions, activity on your site, interests/social data, and much more. You can easily search these segments to explore contacts, send targeted campaigns, and build specific automations that will create a one-off customer experience with your brand.

Sales automation 

4Whether your business does a handful of larger transactions a month, or has hundreds of customers each day, you’ll love being able to automate those tedious sales tasks that are so crucial to getting the job done.  Create automated actions based on your contacts’ emails, actions, time within deals and stages, website browsing history, and more. Don’t fear that you’re losing control as manual actions are assisted via automation features to ensure you can do more with your time. At the end of the day, this provides the perfect blend of automation & personalized human touch to your deals.

Social & behavioral data 

5Get to know your customers better as you’ll be able to learn their interests, see their social profiles, monitor interactions with marketing campaigns, view behavioral actions on your web site (and your custom apps), and stay in tune with the likelihood of closing a deal. Use this data to create automations such as triggering follow up emails based on contacts’ actions, interests, or behaviors on your site.

Lead generation and capture  

6Capture more leads than ever before with over 150 apps and integrations which will all funnel right into your platform.  Sync these lead generation points with automated actions to send welcome emails, transactional emails, and customized messages that can be triggered from where the contact entered your platform.   If they took action in providing their email from one of your blog posts, send a customized email asking them their thoughts on it – start conversations and drive sales!

SMS text message functionality 

7One of the coolest features is being able to engage your customers right from where they spend most of their time; on their phones!  Easily send SMS text message follow ups to your contacts and track the interactions & responses of your SMS text campaigns.  This will seamlessly integrate with your in store marketing campaigns and will help you better engage with your customers.

Robust reporting that’s actually understandable 

8Dig into a wealth of reporting options and keep an eye on specific campaigns, on-going trends, real-time activity streams, plus much, much more. We take the mass amount of interaction, behavioral, and contact based data and make it actionable for you right from your very own dashboard. You can see where contacts interact with your campaign with live geo-location tracking system, and determine where contacts live (and visit) to put that date to use for segmentation.

Full integration

9Your marketing, automation, and sales processes are all seamlessly integrated within a single platform. Easily connect with your Gmail, Outlook, or any other email provider so you can view all sent and received emails from a central viewpoint. You can also integrate this with your existing website (perfect for the one we’ll create for you!), e-commerce platforms, other CRMs, accounting systems, webinars, payment systems, and more.

Assisted setup

10We will help you transfer over the data from your existing CRM, newsletter / email provider, or any other outlet where you may be storing information on your customers and business processes.  Making the switch will be a piece of cake and your employees will love you for it!


Say goodbye to the days of using multiple different platforms to achieve your marketing and sales objectives. Say hello to an easy to use, all in one platform that will save you time and increase your bottom line.

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