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3 Ways to Effectively Stimulate Your Creative Thinking

3 Ways to Effectively Stimulate Your Creative Thinking

Creativity: it’s a unique personal expression that can define how you interact with yourself and with other people. It can be really useful in your daily life, so here are 3 ways to stimulate it!

So maybe you’d like to make changes on your life, by embracing a new lifestyle, building a successful business grounded on your passion and purpose or define and live a life with authenticity and true joy.

We are all creative even if we do not think we are! Too often we have people saying things such as “But I’m not creative” or maybe “But I cannot draw / paint / write” or even “I’ve in no way created anything, so I am simply not creative.”

This negative mindset is impaired and therefore needs be changed, since by the very nature of being a human being you are creative. Everyone has capacity of creating something.

When we think of how to define ‘creative’ it can help to narrow it down as:

  •       To invent (something original such as a new idea or belief or a product or service)
  •       To challenge something (It can be any belief or thought / idea)
  •       To identify (a specific solution to a certain problem or question)
  •       To manifest (to bring something into life; make it real)

Now we should point out that none of these descriptors, or explanations of creativity are related with artistic skill. Creativity is so much more than your artistic capacity. Creativity can be achieved by us all and a great way to start is to be able to embrace and genuinely feel more creative starting by opening up yourself to innovative thinking.

Listed here are 3 fun ways to unleash your creative thinking:

1) Dare to explore

Being innovative spurs someone to think outside the box and to challenge what is widely considered as ordinary. To make this happen, it requires someone to explore outside of their comfort zone. Exploration will uncover brand new ways of perceiving the world and will slowly but surely activate your creative thinking. The next time you face a hurdle with your business, you may want to think about “How could I go about this in different way?”

2) Think big picture

Resist working on the fine details in the process of creative thinking, and instead aim to have a big picture point of view where your mind is wide open and expansive.  Tapping into your own “open mindedness” will allow you to graciously accept more ideas that are spurred by your own thoughts. Having an open mind can limit the natural temptations of such things as jumping to conclusions, feeling restricted and uncovering limitations – all things which can and will shut down your creative thinking.

3) Concentrate on opportunity and be excited with the new

It is usually as simple as being able to see a new project or new challenge as a burgeoning opportunity. When there’s nothing in front of you other than empty space that is not a time to be fearful, but rather a period to be excited considering opportunities, possibilities and also the fact you have control over what is going to happen! This is a space full of opportunities; do not fear it, there is possibility to literally create anything!

Enjoy yourself by exploring your creativity and embracing creative thinking!