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A Guide to Doing Business in Connecticut: A Prelude

Over the past several years, we have had the privilege of speaking with thousands of small business owners across the state. Throughout this journey, a consistent question always arose: “Is there a better way to do business in CT?” To that accord, we will attempt to answer this question over the course of a multi-part series that will walk us through the process of qualifying a business idea, to setting up, to taking advantage of the growth resources available in the state!


Entrepreneurship like many things in life, is a unique journey that changes depending on the environment in which you are choosing to operate.

Just as there is a different standard of living between the USA and Haiti, there is a different standard of doing business as you move state to state. Our goal with this publication is to help the discerning entrepreneur navigate the waters of the CT economic ecosystem, with the end goal of sowing, growing and harvesting a successful business!

It is our hopes that a budding entrepreneur, regardless of experience level, will be able to follow this step-by-step guide towards achieving their dream. Needless to say, we will be taking things one bite-sized task at a time, so feel free to skip around as you see fit.

Also, if there is an area in which we do not provide enough detail or actionable information, and you require supplementary content or conversation, we will be providing a full local resource library at the end of this guide for you to take next steps with! To the same accord, feel free to add comments, questions or suggestions to the bottom of each section to help us improve this resource over time!

This is not an “end all be all” or a treasure map to find guaranteed business success in Connecticut, however, passionate entrepreneurs will absolutely appreciate the hidden gems of value, in both the simplicity and sequence of “bits of wisdom” that we have composed.