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Calling All Mac n’ Cheese Lovers

I LOVE baked mac & cheese! It is the ultimate comfort food. I am immediately taken back to family gatherings: Summer picnics, Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners. Now let’s be clear everyone cannot make real mac & cheese which is not some processed, pop into the microwave, uncover, stir, recover and zap again nor does it come in a box with the cheese in a packet. When I say real mac & cheese I’m talking about solid mac & cheese as opposed to the previously mentioned ‘wet’ mac & cheese. Real mac & cheese means someone took the time to boil the macaroni just right, add the eggs, cream, butter & cheese and then put it in the oven and baked it into a masterpiece of deliciousness; you will find real mac & cheese at Norwalk’s Mac’It.

The restaurant is a small, homey place located at 8 Main Street and it specializes in what else: Mac & Cheese. The owner, Teresa Thompson Dozier, serves up 14 different recipes, including Sausage & Peppers (my favorite), Pepperoni Pizza, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms & Onion and Buffalo Chicken just to name a few. And it comes in three sizes: personal, hungry and hearty. I will tell you that the personal size is more than enough for one person.

Mac’It will cater an event for you. Trust me when you taste her decadent mac & cheese you will find a reason to have a party. And then there are Wacky Wednesdays where you create your own delectable mac & cheese by adding up to two additional toppings and Fried Fridays when additional offerings are fried chicken wings and fried fish.

Mac’It is located at 8 Main Street in Norwalk at the corner of Wall & Main Street across from McMahon Ford. Phone: (203) 299-1896 Email: macitcheese@gmail.com Website: http://www.macitcheese.com/