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Empower: Leadership Sports & Adventure Center

Zip Through the Treetops


EMPOWER is a 30-acre outdoor adventure facility located in Middletown, featuring fully guided adventure experiences for individuals, groups of family and friends, corporations, schools and camps, athletic teams, scout groups and more.

EMPOWER’s amazing and unforgettable adventures include Connecticut’s only fully guided Tree Top Zip Lining Adventure, Tree Climbing and Rappelling, Land Navigation Challenges, Adventure Obstacle Courses and Races, Corporate Team Building Programming, Youth Development Programming, and more! Since opening in 2009, EMPOWER has hosted over 65,000 participants from all walks of life. EMPOWER prides itself on providing fun, safe and exceptional adventure experiences for all participants!

Despite not giving the facility a “try for myself”, I did have a very inspiring conversation with their General Manager, Dan Jaskot.

Both Dan & the founder, Joe, have interesting backgrounds and qualifications to run a hands-on “recrucational” (educational + recreational) group experience.

Bringing lessons he learned from his elite training in the armed forces, Joe took his experience back home after deployment to share with his local community. Some 65 thousands guests later, they are still going strong, working with many local schools and community groups to pass these lessons onto future generations!

Today they live by the modo, “Think you can or think you can’t…you’re probably right” while bringing guests through a guided tour 70 feet up in the trees!

I don’t know about you, but I for one am going to give this a swing come Spring!


2011 South Main St • Middletown,CT 06457

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Best Yelp Review: Great place! There were 12 of us and we were celebrating a bachelor party and we decided to come here. Make sure you come here with clothes and sneakers to wear in the woods if you partake in the entire experience. So first we did the ziplining and it was great – we zipped through about 6 lines of varying lengths and a couple of them had obstacles like a broken bridge or a tight-rope walk. Then we did the treeclimb. One entailed swinging from tree to tree until you got to the top, and the other one was to climb a very old, very large tree. The third thing we did was the scavenger hunt, which was great because we traveled through the entire premises to get clues to each station to accrue points and ultimately defeat our adversaries. lol The service and friendliness of the staff was top notch. They made us feel pretty comfortable and were having a good time along with us as well as guiding us through a fun, safe experience. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for adventure and a good time with a group of friends.

Worst Yelp Review: I booked a reservation for five for the zip-lining adventure online after doing some research about courses near New London, CT. From the website it looked like a great family friendly experience…. When we arrived the staff informed us that we would be going with a group of nine. By the time we started we had a group of thirteen not including the two guides. There was nothing on the website that stated the staff could alter your group by adding other members. The staff was enjoyable and very helpful but still need to polish their rescue skills. We had several small children (one who did NOT meet the weight requirement) who had to be “rescued” on three out of the five zips. Not one rope throw was on target and the guide had to go out and meet the distressed person halfway and then pull them safely back. As you could imagine this took some time and our trip was extended an extra hour, which was time spent waiting in the over crowded tree platforms. The course itself was enjoyable and fun. The obstacles although are mandatory and were very challenging for small children which also ate up a decent amount of time. Also, the course did not have any way of “escape” for persons who found it too challenging and wanted to opt out midway. I don’t see this course lasting very long considering the stands and lines are drilled directly into the trees. Several of which are very unsturdy in windy conditions. This course also lacked a decent and safe way to stop. They had some stopping mechanisms but choose to catch you as you were coming in (at pretty high speeds) which I’m sure resulted in a few bruises for the guide and persons zipping. Luckily no one was clearly hurt but a decent injury would not be hard to acquire. I do not plan on booking another reservation at this establishment and personally would not reccomdend them. I have gone zip-lining on other courses which were much more professional and enjoyable. If you are someone who is looking for a family friendly adventure, look elsewhere.

Best Google Places Review: My family and I loved every moment from up in the trees. I am 65 years old and my youngest grandchild is 8 years old. And he zipped with all of us. I felt secure. Safety is definitely taken care of with equipment and trained hosts. I will never forget this experience

Best Yellow Pages Review: Zip Line in CT??? You Bet!!! My best friend got me a gift certificate for the zip line and it turned out to be an amazing experience. The guides are so great and really got me to face my fears. By the end of the tour, I was going backwards and with no hands. Really a great bonding experience with my friend. We both conquered our fears and had a great time doing it. I really can’t say enough about the staff. They were supportive, fun, and motivating. Really a great experience. AWESOME Experience!!! Thanks to Chris, Nick & Dan, that made our Father’s Day weekend such a wonderful day. We had such a great time and we will definetly go back. All of you guys were great at making us feel comfortable & most of all safe. Thanks so much, we had an awesome experience.


Email: office@leadershipsports.com

Phone: (860) 638-4754

Site: http://www.leadershipsports.com/