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Roughan Interior Design – With You in Mind

Tailored to Your Dreams


Roughan Interior Design is the international design firm of tastemaker and award winning interior designer Christina Sullivan Roughan.

After speaking with Christina, I could tell it was her rich experience and keen design sense that has enabled her to create warm, sophisticated interiors that are timeless and sophisticated while remaining friendly and approachable.

I could get the sense that when working with clients, Christina takes care to create a full bodied experience to comfortably bring you through the 4 – 8 week long process.

Roughan believes that interiors are to be lived in and reflect the people who reside in the space: “Every interior has a purpose and should be conducive to the living requirements of each client while remaining aesthetically purposeful and elegant.”


78 Godfrey Road West
Weston, CT 06883

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Email: info@roughaninteriors.com

Phone: 203.769.1150

Site: http://www.roughaninteriors.com