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The Girl Spot – All Kinds of Fitness

Embrace Yourself


I want you to run through a quick little exercise in the imagination with me…Close your eyes and paint a picture of what comes to mind when I tell you I’m about to go work the pole at The Girl Spot?

The Girl Spot is an aerial dance studio located in Milford CT. Their offerings include classes in Aerial Silks, Lyra, FlyGym Aerial Yoga and Chair and Pole dance. Perhaps not what you’d think, however, they do welcome both men and women of all ages, sizes and shapes. Classes are held daily, except Sunday, and are taught by certified instructors.

Their classes follow a structured curriculum, with specific conditioning along the way for each level, which is designed to encourage strength, overall conditioning, and to teach students how to use the correct muscle groups for the work they will do at each level.

You, the student, are the most valuable asset. In the words of owner Judy Jovanelly, “It is our honor to teach you, and we are committed to excellent instruction!”

Want to get a picture of what they are all about and perhaps get in on this emerging CT trend? Visit their Annual Showcase, on March 19th!


260 Quarry Rd. Milford, CT 06460

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Email: info@thegirlspotct.com

Phone: (203) 693-3111

Site: http://thegirlspotct.com/