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First of all I adore the name. Any place that would call itself a Joint is worth a trip. Joint screams to me: cool, a little naughty and fun. Not one bit of naughtiness unless you call good food at a reasonable price naughty. Besides a great name Tomatillo Taco Joint offers great tacos, burritos, taco salads and burrito bowls. I lean towards the soft tacos stuffed with Baja Fish, sautéed onions and peppers, chopped lettuce, red onions and tomatoes topped off with sour cream and extra sour cream to go. FYI I like to dip, hence the extra sour cream (don’t judge me). Oops I forgot to mention the pricing is good. Three soft tacos go for $8.95. Not bad at all.

Besides great pricing there is the menu which instructs to you build it, fill it, stuff it, and then top it. My sister went with my on my second trip and she hates too many choices so the option filled menu was just too much for her. She asked me what I was getting so I told her ‘soft tacos with Baja fish’ and she said ‘I’m going with that.’ She did make one change: one of her three tacos was filled with shrimp.

The shop is decent sized if all you want to do is get in the assembly line to build your eats and head back out. They do have a few tables but a little tight for my taste if the store is busy. I’ve been there three times (don’t judge) and two times it was packed.

Build it choices are: Tacos (3) Soft Flour or Crispy Corn Tortillas – Burrito Rolled Soft Tortilla – Burrito Bowl Served in a bowl with Flour Tortilla – Taco Salad Chopped Lettuce &  Crispy Tortilla.

Fill it choices are: Hacked Chicken – House Rubbed Steak – Braised Beef – Carnitas (slow cooked shredded pork) – Baja Fish (my favorite) – Beef Chili – Shrimp and Vegetarian.

Stuff it choices are: Rice: Dirty Spanish Rice – Cilantro & Lime Rice – Brown Rice Beans: Vegetarian Black Beans and Pinto Beans.

Top it choices are: Salsas (Pico de Gallo, Roasted Corn, Salsa Verde, Aji Amarillo, Habanero Chili Sauce), Fajita Style (add Sautéed onions & peppers), Garnishes (Shredded Cheese, Chopped Lettuce, Cilantro, Chopped Tomato, Red Onion, Black Olives, Fresh Jalapenos and Pickled Jalapenos), Extras (Sour Cream, Guacamole, Whole Wheat Tortilla, Chili).

The other thing I like about Tomatillo Taco Joint: it is plain and simple a place where you can get some good Mexican food. No Nouveau-taking-Tacos-to-the-next-level menu or atmosphere. Not that there is anything wrong with that but this is solid Mexican food in my opinion.

The location is a little tricky on 114 Broad Street in Stamford two doors down from McDonalds. Parking can be found on Bedford Street then you have to double back to the store. Or you can park in the public lot off Broad behind Tomatillo Taco and other restaurants that face Bedford Street.

The restaurant gets plenty of food traffic from local businesses and people navigating downtown Stamford, including UCONN students and Stamford Library patrons.

For those who need to know: Gluten free and vegetarian options are available.

Stop in and enjoy some tacos, burritos, taco salads and burrito bowls!


Contact Info:

114 Broad Street, Stamford, CT 06901

(203) 324-4777

(555) 555-5555

Email: stamford@tomatillotacojoint.com


Mon 11am-8pm

Tues-Fri 11am-9pm

Sat 12pm-9pm

Sun 12pm-8pm

Delivery Hours (Call because I am not sure about the delivery area)

Mon-Fri 11am-3pm; 5pm-8pm

Sat & Sun 5pm-8pm


Website: http://www.tomatillotacojoint.com/