Now that we’ve worked together to make your new site design perfect from the start, if for any reason, you feel the need to make a slight alteration to your live site, please follow these steps:

1) Login to our Support Portal

2) Open a ticket & categorize it as “Website Change”

3) Thoroughly describe the change in which you’d like to make. Please provide:

  • The URL of the page in which you’d like to see the change made
  • The section title or heading of the page you’d like to see the change made
  • The current text or image
  • The new text or image (description if necessary)

4) Submit your ticket and please give your account manager 24 – 72 hours to respond!


Login To My Support Portal Now



PS – If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out directly to your account manager. If at any point in time, you’d like to claim full access & control of your site, please follow these steps HERE.

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